Monday, September 17, 2012


Year: 2009
Director: Max Mayer
Starring: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher

I'm back guys! After almost a half of a year of class, work, and overall lack of inspiration I have decided to get back to watching some flicks and sharing them you guys. I want to ease back into it, so I'm going to go with an favorite of mine that shouldn't be too hard to review.

ADAM is just a beautifully crafted movie. It's already apparent I'm a sucker for Indie Romantic Comedies, but I become obsessed if said movie is also original and intelligent.

The film is about a school teacher, Beth Buchwald (Byrne), meets and begins a relationship with a man living in her apartment building. Simple enough right? Well the intriguing, and truly charming, catch is that Adam suffers from Asperger's Syndrome which is a form of Autism. The two characters both partake in a very unfamiliar experiment with their relationship that is shaped and forged throughout the film.

It truly is a wonderful film. The writing is tremendous and the acting is spot on. Dancy's portrayal of someone suffering with Asperger's is captivating.

Score: B+

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