Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girl Walk // All Day

Year: 2011
Director: Jacob Krupnick
Starring: Anne Marsen, Dai Omiya, and John Doyle

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Decided to do something different for todays review. Girl Walk // All Day is essentially a movie length dance music video to Girl Talk's album All Day featuring heavy elements in urban exploration and follows three dancers as they turn New York City's sidewalks and architecture into an evolving stage of joy from music. It was originally broken down into 12 parts and was posted every Tuesday and Friday for the last month. Today was the final part and that is what made me decide to review it in full.

Now I know it is not your typical film if it can even be considered a film in itself. So keep that in mind although I am going to kind of analyze it as such. If you look at it as just a dance music video it is flawless and very, very well done. You have all aspects of it and since it features three dancer perspectives makes for a variety of dance styles. When I first started watching this series I was amazed; All Day is my favorite Girl Talk album and I love huge projects of this caliber. It also got my attention as it seemed there was a loose and mysterious story line to link the three dancers. However this was the biggest but only disappointment I had while watching this movie series.

What I mean by this is the story line was so disjointed. It started out with the story line assumption and then would insert something totally random (like the flower people)... but then continue with this vague story line I had associated with. Then at the end it just ended abruptly without tying together anything other than Anne Marsen's arc.

Overall it's a great and very unique idea. But I guess I was looking for more and tried to get more out of it than just strict entertainment.

Score: B

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